Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wipeout Here We Come!

Heather and went to an open casting call for wipeout today in Burbank. I thought it started at nine and we were going to be late. Fortunately I was wrong and it started at 11 am, so we had a pretty good spot in line. Only about a block down from the front. Considering the first in line got there at 4:30 am, I am glad that we did not get there until 9:30 am.

They may have a few episodes as couples, father/daughters, mother/sons, coworkers, etc. as indicated by the website, so we registered as an engaged couple and wore matching shirts. On the back Heather hand sewed "The Future MRS" on hers and "Hixon" on mine. As we waited in line, Heather finished her shirt like mad. She gained the respect of anyone who had hand-sewn in line and even a few gals said they would by a shirt like it.

The line moved surprisingly fast. I bought a dozen doughnuts to share with people in line and with the Wipeout crew. There were a lot of Halloween costumes including a tennis player, mario, "Bobman" (who had fliers with his in-costume picture on it that he would sign and hand out), a Leprechaun and many more.

The process was to move us through in groups. They told us to have a lot of energy and show our personality. So they asked us a few simple questions and we were supposed to answer. I answered in Chinese first and when the crew member spoke back to me in English with the correct conversational dialogue, I realized that she too spoke Chinese (and looked Chinese). She said, "Did you just guess I was Chinese?" and I told her that no, I was planning on it no matter who it was. What do I plan to do with $50,000? I told her, "I am engaged, so whatever she wants." To introduce humor and Heather simultaneously.

Heather was charming as usual and we showed off our shirts and our crew member liked that she was a future opera singer. Our group of 9 was selected to go inside and upstairs to make an appointment with a casting director. Our appointment is for Thursday Oct. 28th. I do not know what the other possible results were because not everyone went inside and upstairs. I do not know if some people got to audition today or not or if people were sent home, but we think we did pretty good. So our on camera audition will be in 2 weeks! Wish us luck in your hearts! If I get on the show, I will dominate the course. I have my secret strategy planned!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Countercyclical Products

Are movies/tv shows/entertainment creations about economic downturns counter-cyclical?

Is a good way to make money in a recession to make a movie about the recession?