Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 from Heather & Jeff

What we have been up to:

Heather graduated from UCSB with honors.

Jeff took a surreal business trip to Mexico City.
Our sweet trouble-maker bunny (Millie) died and we shed some tears as we buried her in a special place.

We discovered a new favorite place, the Getty Museum.

We took an awesome trip to Portland and Ashland Oregon where we indulged in delicious vegan cuisine and enjoyed some stage plays.
Jeff helped to close and sell the previous company he worked for (Aviesta) and is now working hard to build a digital marketing consulting business (Digital Performance Marketing Group) with his previous employer.

Heather is starting a business of her own which we think will be a successful home product. It is top secret now but you will be sure to hear more about it soon!

We adopted a bunny to keep Blake company. She has many names (Hera, Brown One, Shadow, etc.) and she is a good friend to Blake. Heather also rescued a baby bunny named Sunny from being euthanized. We are currently fostering him and we might make it permanent.

We got season passes to Disneyland and have used them three times so far which Heather is very happy about. The only way she would be happier is if it was six times.

In August, we moved from Santa Barbara to Ventura to get a bigger place and to continue to the next phase of life. Being in Ventura has been different and interesting. Jeff especially likes living one mile from a famous surf spot and has caught a few of the best waves of his life.

We were able to see almost all of our family members and received visits from a few of Jeff’s old pals and their kids! (Preston, Jake, Jared, Todd, Chad, Nathan and Families!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Jeff & Heather