Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny

On old aquaintance of mine asked the other day what gender the Easter Bunny is.

I always imagined the Easter Bunny as a boy. After some online research I found that there are a variety of opinions on the matter. One pattern I did notice from my online sample is that those who asserted male gender did not justify their opinion. Those who asserted female gender provided  supporting evidence. 

This pattern could mean one of two things. People assume that the general belief is that the bunny is a man, and feel the need to justify their opposing stance. Either this is true or there is no evidence for thinking the bunny is male.

What do you think?

Some evidence is that because the bunny lays eggs, then it must be female. But does the bunny really lay eggs? Female bunnies may have eggs but do not lay them.  


  1. I've never considered the gender of the Easter Bunny, but my first reaction upon reading the question was that He's a boy.

  2. male (of course).

    no female is going to give away her eggs... not that I thought the bunny actually produced the easter eggs. Santa is a man and the easter bunny is a man by association.

    The tooth-fairy does not have a gender.

  3. The tooth-fairy is totally a woman!