Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Circumference of an Ellipse

I was thinking about the integral of a balls flight and wondered if it was equivalent of force. I do not think it is, but the distance travel path would be. Then I thought about it and I do not know how to measure that.

This led me to look into measuring the circumference of an ellipse and divide by two. The circumference of a circle is diameter * pi but an ellipse does not have a diameter. So I looked online for a simple formula and found there is not. But this website is quite thorough in the different options.


  1. I like the Necat Tasdelen personally, because its error percentage decreases as the a-b ratio increases. Well, also because you can rearrange the letters to get "A Teen Lad Scent"

  2. No wonder you got a higher IQ score than me.

  3. Hi,
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