Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Restaurant Title

I was thinking about how delicious my sandwich was, but also how peculiar my tastes are as well. Growing up in a home with odd condiments always available (horseradish, 4 different kinds of mustard, mint jelly) I have learned to sample new ones now and again. Who puts spicy mustard and horseradish on their turkey sandwich? 

It was delicious but I do not think it would be for everyone. It seemed like a manly sandwich with some punch. So I want to make a restaurant called, "Real Man Food." The only milk there would be whole. No diet sodas. Lots of spicy stuff. Etc.  What are some manly menu items you can think of?

Which sounds like another good restaurant name, "Food Man, Chew!" And you could have a whole theme derived from the facial style.


  1. I'm not your desired clientele, but I don't think I could ever eat at a place themed after hair.

  2. Real Man Food is good. Catchy name. You'd want food like hot wings, catfish, no salads...it could be cool. I'm in.

  3. I wouldn't eat there. No diet sodas.